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"Raising Up the Children" Shares the Vision of Low-income Parents
Raising Healthy Children

The LTG team interviewed parents and families working to raise healthy children

Research centered on families and their lived experience and context
Link to Prezi Presentations
Link to Prezi Presentations

The videos were designed to bring the voices and vision of participants and their worlds into direct relationship with policymakers, program developers, and legislative staff and legislators for the State of California.

One of two, hour-long video ethnographies for the State of California, Department of Health Care Services, Raising Up the Children focuses on low-income parents working to raise healthy children, support healthy families, and live in healthy communities. Parents talk about their strategies to raise healthy children in difficult situations in co-created interviews and video footage from across the state. They are mostly young and single, live in challenging neighborhoods, often experiencing fragmented services, as well as food and housing insecurity. They share their strategies, wisdom, and challenges and firmly believe that they will raise their children to enjoy health and well-being.

Raising Up the Children and Being the Change created a forum for participants to speak directly to policymakers from a position of lived experience and knowledge. Together, they explore and develop an ethnographic perspective on how families and communities can address the ability to develop grounded, sustainable change that will allow them to shape the future of their families and communities. LTG was honored to be able to capture and share the stories of parents working to create healthy, sustainable futures for their children and communities.

About video ethnography. Video ethnography has the potential to allow people to better understand how participants see their worlds, perceive their environments, and shape their lives. In this project, we used video ethnography with community leaders and community participants from across the State of California, to identify and illustrate important issues and themes around community, family, and personal health and well-being.

In December 2017, the Washington Association of Professional Anthropologists, honored LTG with an Honorable Mention for the national PRAXIS Award. The LTG team worked with videographer Erick Lee Cummings to provide policymakers with clear, thoughtful messages reflective of participants' lives. The ethnographers were particularly noted for deliberately presenting themselves as learners rather than experts.

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