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Training, Mentoring, and Technical Assistance

Two areas of complementary interest for LTG are capacity-building in evaluation knowledge and skills, particularly for non-profit organizations, and the development of evidence of the utility of programs and practices particularly for racial, ethnic, and at-risk populations. Examples of these two areas of focus are provided in the project descriptions below. Read more + Support […]
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Organizational Development

Over the years, LTG has been invited to work with a variety of organizations to support desired development. Such development has included issues such as: management infrastructure strengthening, vision development and implementation, and, capacity development for new services and populations. A few examples of this kind of work are provided below. Read more + HIV/AIDS […]
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Quantitative and Mixed Methods Studies

While LTG excels in designing and conducting qualitative inquiries, depending on the issue and the context, the use of mixed methods and quantitative approaches can be essential. LTG brings expertise in the design and conduct of both mixed methods and quantitative studies to respond to client needs. In this section are a few examples of […]
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Ethnography and Other Qualitative Studies

Ethnography is a tool frequently utilized by anthropologists to observe, record, and analyze the workings of a culture, society, or organization. An important feature of good ethnography is to be able to relate disparate elements through a connecting logic. LTG has conducted ethnographic work across the decades over a range of topics in a variety […]
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Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

Evaluation at its best is about seeing, learning, improving, and communicating findings and lessons to others. LTG Associates is known for our intelligent approach to development and implementation of assessment, evaluation, monitoring and learning tasks, and for our commitment to form always following function. Read more + Mentally Ill Offenders Crime Reduction Grant (MIOCRG) Program […]
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Population and Issue Assessment

Effective services are those that are recognized, valued and used by those who should be served. Fundamental to developing and providing quality services is conducting research that explores fundamental cultural values and expectations. The research must then yield practical, sustainable means to develop and enact effective, population-based programs and, evidence that informs policy. LTG has […]
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