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Culture at the Heart of Wellness

LTG brings rigorous methods and skilled professionals to explore issues and to define the means by which to address them

The world is a very complicated place and no place more than the United States. With its deep history of immigration, migration, and indigenous populations, the U.S. has one of the richest cultural landscapes on earth.  We also have a geographically varied and diverse landscape which has fostered regional differences in populations.  These myriad cultural groups, compounded by history, age, and gender, form the complex backdrop against which health (physical, emotional, and social) is intended to be developed, fostered, and sustained. 

Each time we want to touch issues of social and emotional health, we are walking in that intricate landscape of culture. 

Cultural and contextual groundwork that anchors individual and group behavior. 

How do you affect what a mother feeds her children?  How do you know what is important to her?  What it means?  What critical keys will help her to adapt her behavior? 

We can, like a fine camera, focus in closely or provide a detailed panorama.  Talk about the aperture?

Culture—it’s what makes people think, act, and react. Culture influences whether people trust the government—or not. It drives how they court, marry, raise their children, care for their elderly, and to bury their dead. Culture influences whether people buy certain products and whether they ignore or vilify others. Culture determines how people dance and sing. Culture drives whether people believe or disbelieve the latest  medical information and what they do with that information. Culture materially affects how people vote and for whom. 

Culture is what governs much of what people do—whether they or you account for it. Let us help you to account for it and shape the change that makes a difference.

Service Highlights

Anthropological Methods: Ethnography, cultural analysis, complex issues research, analysis, and response design and implementation support

Qualitative Methods: Usability testing, focus groups, interviews, and analysis

Quantitative Methods: Survey design, cognitive testing, conduct, and analysis

Facilitation and Rapporteur Support

Team Members

Our profession, Our people, Our passion

For each project we undertake, we assemble a team that brings the needed tools and experience to conduct quality, timely, responsive work. We also dedicate skilled leaders to every team to ensure the quality of planning and conduct of the work and compliance with contracts and budgets. These teams are backed by our experienced administrative group. We do not own a cookie cutter and we do not have clones in our organization – we engage talented, dedicated people who take on complex, important issues, the results of which change systems and lives.

Over four decades, LTG has recruited hundreds of skilled, dedicated professionals to respond to client needs. Our core staff has always been made up of social scientists with the majority being anthropologists. Anthropologists bring particular skills to research, analysis, and intervention for the kind of complex issues addressed by LTG. Employing global, contextual, synthetic vision marks the approach of a good anthropologist ensuring that issue identification and response design are of the highest quality. In addition, LTG employs professionals who are trained and experienced in: public health (including population health, epidemiology and biostatistics); sociology; psychology; and social work.  

The breadth of the topical work we have addressed has made the addition of current content expertise to our teams vital. Content experts have ranged as widely as our work and have included topics such as:

Computer sciences
Early childhood development
Immigration and migration
Infectious disease
International development
Intimate partner violence
Justice diversion
Mental health
Organizational science
Postpartum depression
Refugee resettlement
Reproductive health
Sexually transmitted infections
Substance use
Theology, religious organization and culture

In addition, our networks of professional social scientists, cultural experts, and locality experts span the globe and allow us to bring local knowledge and experience to domestic and international projects.

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