AHRQ Gender Research Evaluation

Project details:

The purpose of this project was to: 1) identify recent as well as on-going AHRQ-funded research, knowledge synthesis, dissemination, and implementation activities/products based on grants, contracts, interagency agreements, and intramural work that focused on gender-sensitive and women-specific healthcare issues; 2) identify important gaps and emerging areas for gender-sensitive and women-specific health services research not addressed by AHRQ or other entities in the field; and 3) help AHRQ staff develop gender-sensitive and women-specific health services research objectives which would be appropriate for inclusion in the agendas of AHRQ portfolios. In additional to data collection, analysis, and synthesis, LTG constituted and managed a national technical expert panel, conducted a close-out meeting and briefing of the research, and developed a final report of the process and findings.

Project info:

  • Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality (AHRQ)