Projects for Peace

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Projects for Peace (PfP) is a program that works with partner schools to fund approximately 100 undergraduate projects annually that are intended to affect the conditions that impact the development of peaceful communities and societies. In addition to promoting peace, the project experience is anticipated to help to shape individual development and, optimally, result in a life-long dedication to peacebuilding. The purpose of the initial project that LTG undertook with PfP was to evaluate a decade of global work. To inform decisions about future commitments, the first large-scale evaluation of the program was commissioned to focus on the way in which the program is implemented, its effects, and ways to strengthen or improve the program. There were four major steps that LTG designed and conducted collaboratively. The first was an in-depth review of a decade’s worth of program documents followed by the design and conduct of guided discussions with key program developers. The information was analyzed and used in the design of a survey intended for all program managers across more than 100 colleges participating in the program. This survey was followed by key informant interviews with a sample of the managers to expand on themes identified in the survey data. All of these data supported the design of a survey of past program participants to which there were 300+ responses. Finally, a sample of past participants was drawn representing segments identified in the survey data to participate in an individual interview designed and conducted by LTG. A final report was developed, and a briefing was conducted. The results are currently being used to support redesign of elements of the program.


LTG was invited to work with PfP as it made a major administrative transition from its former home and leadership to the Center for Community Engagement at Middlebury College. With this transition, the new leadership undertook a variety of activities that were intended to revising mission, vision, values, and goals for the program. PfP engaged LTG Associates to support key aspects of the transition. Support included: facilitation of new vision and goal setting; development of a program logic model; supporting the search for a new director; surveying partner schools about communication; identifying tools and resources for partners and student fellows to begin stocking a library; identifying models for development of an alumni network; and supporting the planning of a new leadership listening tour.

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