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LTG Associates is a 33 year old consulting firm with a foundation in anthropology and other social sciences. We work locally, nationally, and globally to support the planning and provision of appropriate, accessible, and high-quality health and human services.

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  • LTG presents The Heart & Art of Anthropology at EAA's 21st Annual Meeting in
    Glasgow, Scotland

    Image of EAA Glasgow 2015 logo
    LTG Associates' Managing Partners Cathleen Crain and Niel Tashima recently made a long-distance presentation to the European Association of Archaeologists on communicating anthropological findings. The video with remote audio is available at:
    Grounding Communication for Maximum Effect

  • NAPA Mentor Committee chaired by LTG's Niel Tashima was asked to advise on AAA's new approach to mentoring.
    Image of Anthropology News Magazine The National Association for the Practice of Anthropology (NAPA) Mentor Program has become a critical resource for general & individual support to students & new professionals. NAPA Mentor Committee members and all NAPA members are invited to advise American Anthropological Association (AAA) on developing its mentor program. Read more

  • LTG Associates developed a policy brief from the results of Strengthening What Works: Preventing Intimate Partner Violence in Immigrant and Refugee Communities
    RWJF logo
    The policy brief is available at the RWJF website:
    Reducing Intimate Partner Violence

    And, the brief is featured on the
    RWJF Forum

    A Powerpoint and mp3 of the Office of Refugee Resettlement - Preventing Domestic Violence Initiative Webinar are available on our
    Strengthening What Works page.

  • Anthropology News announces LTG's grant to explore childhood obesity prevention in selected AA & NHPI communities
    picture of Anthropology news magazine logo The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) has awarded LTG a grant to develop advocacy networks for childhood obesity prevention in selected Asian American, Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islander communities across the US. LTG will develop a culturally grounded, community-based framework for understanding cultural assets that can improve children's health. Read more

  • LTG helps develop Building Healthy Relationships Curricula
    picture of CDC logo For the past several years LTG has been working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division of STD Prevention ( to develop interventions that could be utilized to help to reduce the burden of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs.)
    Read more

  • LTG staff present "We all Eat Rice...? Poi, Potatoes, and Mac and Cheese! Deconstructing Ethnicity for Cultural Specificity," a podcast sponsored by the Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA) & the University of North Texas
    picture of Cathleen Crain, Niel Tashima, Reiko Ishihara-Brito, and Lillie Dao Listen to our panel discuss cultural strength based approaches for prevention of childhood obesity in Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders (AANHPI) communities in this session first presented at the SfAA Annual Meeting, March 2014.
    Read more    Download podcasts

  • LTG's Cathleen Crain has been selected to serve on committees for Society for Applied Anthropology and American Anthropological Association
    picture of Cathleen Crain LTG Managing Partner Cathleen Crain was elected to the Nominations Committee for the Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA). She has also been appointed by the President of the American Anthropological Association (AAA) to serve on the Committee on Practicing, Applied and Public Interest Anthropology (CoPAPIA).
    Read more

  • Now available: The final documents from the five-year Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) initiative, Strengthening What Works
    picture of RWJF report Strengthening What Works: Preventing Intimate Partner Violence in Immigrant and Refugee Communities (SWW) was a RWJF initiative and LTG Associates was the National Program Office. The report presents the findings of the initiative, with emphasis on the value of evaluation in understanding and preventing intimate partner violence in hard to reach, underserved, and vulnerable populations.
    Read more

  • LTG reports on philanthropic engagement of Chinese Americans in the San Francisco Bay area for Silicon Valley Community Foundation
    picture of Chinese American family on the cover of Philanthropy report The report developed by LTG's senior anthropologists explores the concept and practice of philanthropy as explained in interviews with Chinese American donors who value the act of giving to support the community, benefit society and make the world a better place.
    Read more

  • LTG Begins Coaching, Monitoring & Evaluation Activities with Merced Human Services Agency
    picture of california's central valley LTG Associates has been awarded a contract to provide evaluation development support to the Merced County Human Services Agency (MHSA). MHSA is focused on continuous program improvement and has contracted with LTG to provide capacity-building and coaching to MHSA as they enhance internal capacity to monitor and evaluate their program efforts.

  • RWJF Grants LTG Key Role in Dissemination of Evidence-Informed IPV Prevention Interventions
    picture of RWJF logo The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) has awarded LTG Associates an eighteen-month grant to support the replication of two evidence-informed intimate partner violence (IPV) prevention projects. Two organizations that participated in the Strengthening What Works initiative, Migrant Clinician's Network (MCN) and Asian Women's Shelter (AWS) will be partners on the work. Read more

  • LTG partners with Religions for Peace
    picture of RfP logo LTG is working with the international organization Religions for Peace (RfP) supporting their efforts through development of new monitoring and evaluation activities. RfP is a global non-profit organization fostering interfaith dialogue and collaborative action to stop war, build communities, and protect the earth in 70 countries on six continents.

  • Asian American Pacific Islander Early Childhood Obesity Prevention Project
    tropical mountain peak LTG Associates has received a new two-year grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to explore early childhood obesity in some Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. LTG will work with Native Hawaiian, Samoan, Pilipino, Hmong, and Vietnamese communities to explore cultural assets for developing and supporting advocacy networks around promoting healthy weight in children.

  • Linkedin Discussion profiles LTG Managing Partner Niel Tashima, past president of NAPA

    picture of Niel Tashima Niel's work with the National Association for the Practice of Anthropology goes back to 1988 when he helped develop ethical guidelines for the field. He is current Chair of the NAPA Mentor Committee dedicated to guiding emerging anthropologists toward professional career opportunities.
    Read more

  • LTG founding partners and staff contribute four chapters in the March release of a new book about Practicing Anthropology.
    image of handbook on anthropology LTG partners Cathleen Crain and Niel Tashima wrote three chapters and LTG Research Associate Terry Redding authored one in "A Handbook of Practicing Anthropology," edited by Riall W. Nolan. The book is a complete guide to the career of Practicing Anthropology from job training to career management. "Practice" refers to anthropology done largely outside the university by non-academic anthropologists. This handbook provides accounts from practitioners in various sectors, and detailed case studies dealing with ethics, the integration of medical and social data, and job preparation. Cathleen and Niel delve into their experience at LTG in a chapter titled, "An Anthropologically Based Consulting Firm." Read full story

  • AWS in San Francisco teams up with LTG.
    image of an asian woman holding a baby LTG is helping the Asian Women's Shelter (AWS) evaluate its signature Multi-Lingual Access Model Program. The program allows AWS to meet the needs of limited-English proficient survivors of intimate partner violence in linguistically appropriate ways.
    Read full story

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