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HIV/AIDS Bureau Contract

Project details: LTG held a three-year task order contract with the HIV/AIDS Bureau (HAB) at the Health Resources and Services Administration in the Federal Department of Health and Human Services.  As part of its work, LTG provided management development, and systems and program development; two task orders are described below. LTG provided technical assistance, through […]
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AHRQ Gender Research Evaluation

Project details: The purpose of this project was to: 1) identify recent as well as on-going AHRQ-funded research, knowledge synthesis, dissemination, and implementation activities/products based on grants, contracts, interagency agreements, and intramural work that focused on gender-sensitive and women-specific healthcare issues; 2) identify important gaps and emerging areas for gender-sensitive and women-specific health services research […]
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Projects for Peace

Project details: Projects for Peace (PfP) is a program that works with partner schools to fund approximately 100 undergraduate projects annually that are intended to affect the conditions that impact the development of peaceful communities and societies. In addition to promoting peace, the project experience is anticipated to help to shape individual development and, optimally, […]
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